Kaneel Kaneel is a treasury box full of unique products from all over the world.

Two years ago I decided that in the next few years I was going to work hard to start my own clothing line. While Kaneel Kaneel does not have any clothes (yet), Kaneel Kaneel is the start of making my dreams come true.

Travelling is my passion, it is what makes me feel alive. While walking through mesmerising bazars, busy city streets and hidden crafts(wo)men’s stores I am finding such unique products that I want to share. But not only am I finding unique products, I also found a way to make my dream reality. Designing my own products, such as our Yoga Mat Bags that are fully organic, fair-trade and made with the durable and sustainable fabric, Hemp. Designing these Yoga Mat Bags were the beginning of Kaneel Kaneel.

Kaneel Kaneel currently has products from India, but soon our shop will be filled with products from all over the world.

And Kaneel Kaneel.. what does that mean? Cinnamon! Why cinnamon? I am in love with cinnamon so I always carry a little bag of cinnamon powder while travelling, because well.. you never know when a dish needs some spice! So naturally because I found my nickname in India and the courage to start up my business, I named it after my nickname.

With love,
Lotte (Cinnamon)

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